With my parents being both classic musicians, I grew up with art. But with them wishing more tangible careers for me and my younger sister, 
we gave up all our artistic ambitions and both studied computer science. 
Most of my professional life I spent as an IT project manager, hurrying through the day to get more and more things done, 
almost forgetting my artistic heritage. In 2009 my son was born and I started rethinking my life and the view of what really matters.
I started making jewellery in early 2011 as a means of expressing myself. Soon I started taking classes in the London Jewellery School 
and in the Mid Cornwall school of jewellery to learn the skills that will finally help me 
materialize the images and feelings I carried around in my head for so long. 
I lived and worked in London, UK until the end of 2017 and relocated to Germany in 2018.